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New! Wine & Gastronomy Tour
of La Rioja and the Basque Country


Your readers can be the first to join us on a new nine-day Wine & Gastronomy tour of the Basque country led by Cobblestone Small Group Tours, America’s specialists in Basque travel.

“If the Basques themselves have a passion for art, it is the art of cooking. Theirs is a cuisine of the freshest ingredients and the most savory sauces,” says Atlantic Monthly Online.

“Spain’s San Sebastian has the best food you’ve never heard of,” says Food & Wine, pointing to “an exhilarating, exuberant food scene that hasn't received the attention it deserves.”

“Spain’s great red wine is a stately Rioja,” continues Food & Wine. “Unlike other reds, which are often released within a year or two of their vintage, the superb red Riojas make their debut as dowager beauties. They are almost as common on the Basque table as fresh seafood.”

“The Basques are considered Spain’s best cooks,” says the New York Times, “as well as its most enthusiastic eaters and drinkers.”

Find out what all the excitement’s about. Accompany our guides on an insiders’ tour of a culture that celebrates the art of dining, from elegant restaurants to traditional repasts of lamb grilled over grapevines.

Among the features of this special 9-day tour:

Three tour dates have just been announced for 2002:

May 25-June 2
Sept. 28-Oct. 6
Oct. 12-20

Cost for 2002 is $2995, with a $290 single supplement (excludes air travel).

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