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Portugal charms with its handcrafted culture
and attention to detail sadly lost
among most societies today


It’s a country whose early explorers brought their culture to many other lands. But today, Portugal remains largely undiscovered. Even the most experienced travelers find that its cultural bounties astound the eye and enchant the heart.

It’s the newest destination for Cobblestone Small Group Tours’ cultural travel offerings, which in 2001 adds two journeys to northern Portugal.

And it’s a great story, with fabulous visual potential.

Knowing the Territory…
Since 1989 Cobblestone, America’s first Basque tour specialist, has introduced Barcelona, Bilbao, and the Basque Country to more than 1,400 travelers. Our signature 13-day tours focus on:

  • culture and art
  • folklore and history
  • knowledgeable and personable guides
  • the finest in gourmet food, wine and accommodations

Now we expand on the Iberian Peninsula to the North of Portugal – a land of people who speak their own language, follow their own unique cultural and folkloric traditions, and bring unparalleled attention to detail to a vibrant lifestyle found nowhere else in Europe.

Cobblestone partners Denise Germer and Paulette Hurdlik have spent four years developing the new tour with an eye to the undiscovered, the romantic, the most folkloric and most forgotten way of life.

Exploring Cultural Treasures…
The area’s heritage is a rich one. Founded in 1139 and predating Spain by more than 350 years, Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe. Waves of invaders over 800 years — Phoenicians, Romans, Celts and Moors, among others, have resulted in a riot of architectural styles, often side-by-side, and a wealth of historic sites from almost every era.

Many travelers, particularly Europeans, go south from Lisbon to sun on the beaches of the Algarve. But tourism in northern Portugal is just developing, which means the crowds have yet to discover the charms of places like Porto, Guimares, Aveiro, Coimbra, the enchanted Forest of Buçaco, Conimbriga, Óbidos and Sintra, with its five palaces.

Counting the Ways…
Here are just a few of the reasons it’s a good story with good visuals — and that people will love their time in Portugal with Cobblestone Tours:


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